Overthinking & exercise 

TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 3 omg. Why does it have to end next week? The acting is stellar. I could watch Mahershala Ali for days.

*whispers* I downloaded World of Warcraft again this weekend *whispers*

(I love it, though. I don’t play it but I love to spectate.)

For someone who does not play Overwatch I know a _lot_about Overwatch. Thanks, @scronide.

I'm knitting a case for my tarot deck, in case you were wondering where I am at in 2018.

Escorted a bunch of grade ones to the pumpkin patch today and my body feels like I’ve run a marathon. So weird. 🎃

Learning criminology in an academic setting was one of the most conflicting and eye-opening things I’ve done. It helped me become the SJW I am today.

Hey 1970s FBI guys! If you had asked women we would have told you about serial killers millennia ago.

Random factoid: I have a Masters degree in Criminology. Mindhunter ep1 is making me lol.

Let’s talk about anomie, baby.

Today, I took a walk in the woods and watched salmon swim upstream to their spawning grounds (and their demise). Seeing these huge creatures struggle against the current in shallow waters was astonishing. The next time I fail to follow through on something difficult I’m going to remember these big fish. mastodon.scuttle.org/media/YIb

Honestly, I just can’t wait for @scronide to get home so we can snuggle on the couch and continue our Twin Peaks marathon. 😍

"This is for all the mathematicians who got mixed up in the dream gang. This is for when you get caught in a sleep-riot."

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