Star Trek: Discovery 

Overthinking & exercise 

The Umbrella Academy 

TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 3 omg. Why does it have to end next week? The acting is stellar. I could watch Mahershala Ali for days.

@scronide that cat does not understand knife safety. By the handle, kitty. By the handle.

*whispers* I downloaded World of Warcraft again this weekend *whispers*

(I love it, though. I don’t play it but I love to spectate.)

For someone who does not play Overwatch I know a _lot_about Overwatch. Thanks, @scronide.

@scronide I’m a wee bit more Scottish than you yeooooo. (Honestly, I was afraid living in Canada for 13 years had compromised my Belfastness.)

@erinbee I have to fill everything in with the darker blue 😢 it’s going to take a while.

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