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I have all the pieces for my Halloween costume. Amethyst from Steven Universe πŸ’œ

Pawoo, why did you post that last reply six times? :|

Using Twitter for over ten years has reprogrammed my brain to output my thoughts in short bursts. Mastadon is a genuine challenge, and I love that. You should have seen me in my Livejournal days! Long live waffle.

Twitter: in giving us a platform to speak, it took away our words πŸ€”

I admit I never really gave Atomic Blonde a chance. I was prepped on the couch with a glass of wine and a blanket waiting for a Blondie biopic to start.

I really should have given in to my tendency to read the whole plot on Wikipedia before watching a movie.

I don’t like surprises 😐

Lol. Watching Atomic Blonde. I thought it was a Blondie biopic and the first five minutes had me seriously confused.

Feeling lost on Mastadon. I need more people to follow.

Hey, it’s Friday, October 13, 2017! πŸ‘»

Fire, Walk With Me + Eraserhead + The Love Witch + Poopmans = πŸ€£πŸ™ƒπŸ€”

Watching Spider-Man: Homecoming again, this time with the kidzors. It’s so cute!

Star Trek: Enterprise.

Omg how did the crew even get these jobs? Stupid. Stupid.

Thought: maybe this Mastadon install is just for @scronide, @HARGOW, and @marcykoop to talk about Twin Peaks πŸ€”

Context is for Kings > The Prime Directive.

One more thing on my mind: episode two of Star Trek: Discovery last night was really, really strong. Excited for the rest of the season. The line (and title of the episode) "Context Is For Kings"? BoomπŸ’₯

I hope everyone is taking good care of themselves today xo

Today, news international and personal led me to scrub my oven and keep going and going and going. Then I couldn't stop talking. Pretty shaken. @scronide putting Johnny Cash on his new record player is a bit soothing.


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