Fair warning with the new episode of Derry Girls: all the accents.

Heading out the pub (again) to watch an Overwatch League game. It’s what Saint Patrick would want.

8YO: “IQ stands for Internet Quiz”

Sitting in a Starbucks with the kids while @catriona is off running a 5K for the Canucks Autism Network. It’s a tough life.

There are eight competitive tiers and gold is just the third. 😅

Managed to make it to gold rank in competitive Overwatch this week. Watch me struggle to stay there: twitch.tv/scronide

Last week we had lows of -3°C. Next week we have highs of 20°C. For all the talk of “Raincouver”, I find the weather here sort of wild.

People seem to get embarrassed when they guess my accent is Scottish. I’m too lazy to get into geopolitics and colonization so I assure them they’re close enough.

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there was an extremely cool nine year old girl skate boarding near zoe’s and when she passed us she gave us finger guns and i nearly fucking lost it

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Laughing at Riverdale because Cheryl said “qwebec” and Toni said “kebec” and it was an easy game of spot the Canadian.

Left my work laptop at home, like a dolt, and so my morning had just been 2.5 hours of commuting.

Everyone in Star Trek: Discovery looks so polished all the time.

Technically he's my first cousin once removed but who actually says that in real life?

Genealogists need not reply.

My cousin started posted Instagram videos of himself singing bhangra/Bollywood tracks. He's a ginger Irish lad. Of course he's getting more followers doing this than his actual band. instagram.com/garythegora/

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*on my deathbed*

lmfao this is so goth

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