At some point I should figure out how to write a bio for myself that's succinct but meaningful. Pre-dating the Tinder era by a million years, it's a skill I've never had to pick up.

Who am I?

@scronide To be fair, most people on Tinder can't write anything compelling about themselves; so you're on equal footing with the youths.

And don't you have an editor/hype machine you can ask 😄 ?

@erinbee Haha. I was just saying to @catriona that I think her Mastodon bio is great. So you’re on to something.

I can only imagine that a lot of (bloke’s) Tinder bios are the equivalent of “sup?”

@scronide Eh, the bit you have their from the Gruffalo in Scots (or is it the Doric one?) is cool. Does that not work in Tinder? :p

@priryo Haha. I think you’ve been the first to know what it was. My kids just humoured me when I used to read it to them.

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