The decade claimed Ralph McQuarrie, Moebius, Giger, and now Syd Mead. Who is the next generation designing the future after 2019?


I’ve felt like a pop sci-fi has been coasting on their influences for decades now.

@scronide Part of it is that popular visual media hasn't caught up with what's new and interesting in sci-fi writing and music (Afro-futurism and fantasy, Chinese urban futurism, solarpunk, decayed generation ships, AI that doesn't necessarily have a physical presence...) so there hasn't been a unifying look. And since all artists have unprecedented reach, there's less elevation of one or a few. So, everyone is and nobody is?

@erinbee Real good point that the reality is that a few guys don’t have the monopoly on ideas now. I wish pop culture did catch up.

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