Spotted Turbo Kid on a site for plunderers and brigands and remembered I never did get around to finishing it. I remember it being fun if you didn't take it too seriously.

My kids have started saying I have Emo Hair. Who taught them about emo? I blame their mother.

Looks like I need to dye my hair again. Last time I tried green, if you can believe it; it just doesn’t stick.

Watching the DS9 episode by LeVar Burton where Rom forms a union and goes on strike.

At the sports bar in Rogers Arena with the family, about to watch Vancouver in the stage one final in Overwatch League.

I’m in too deep.

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The Krankies. This is an all-Krankies account now. Sorry.

Derry Girls season 2 started today, at least over the water. Yeooo. Glad that it's back and glad to have another show to look forward to during the week.

I knew. I just knew when I read this that they meant wallpapers.

The Prodigy were the one rave act that all my metal, punk, and goth mates were into in the late 90s. Big beat techno with a punk sneer.

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