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Dyed the hair back to plum today. I’m surprised it took so well, given that I was covering faded blue-black.

Knifecat Enamel Pin by marladraw

I saw this in the federated timeline but had to hunt down the actual link.

At Rogers Arena with the 8YO to watch the Vancouver Titans’ first game in the Overwatch League. On TV still, because the games are all in California, but it’s fun.

When I answered the complete set of questions, it looked more like this…

Anthropomorphic wiener;
Anthropomorphic bun;
Happy Valentine’s to you all;

I now have more locking pin backs than pins, by a large margin.

Internet hive mind: is this rad kid the guy from Crazy Town?

Failed attempt at commuting this morning. At least I can work from home. It might be a huge pain in the ass but it looks pretty. Haha! Kids in the Hall was 100% what I first thought when I saw the new pinching hand emoji was.

Back in our grotty basement gym. Here’s a selfie no one asked for.

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