Every time we pull into the Starbucks drive-through.

The new She-Ra reminds me that I should finally get around to reading Nimona sometime. mastodon.scuttle.org/media/qeP

The video game history this morning had an interactive exhibit on Game Genie, applying cheat codes to a playable version of Sonic. 🤯 mastodon.scuttle.org/media/fNv mastodon.scuttle.org/media/c8R

I didn’t realize that Science World had a history of video games exhibit too. Which is lucky, because I would’ve been playing retro games on their comically gigantic controllers for hours. mastodon.scuttle.org/media/3Oc

Apparently my new favourite goth cowboy is out in Overwatch now.

Sorry, Carl McCoy. mastodon.scuttle.org/media/8nr

Our provincial government posted this endorsement of proportional representation this evening.

I’d mock it but it’s doing exactly what they must have planned. mastodon.scuttle.org/media/yQc

I opened Instagram after talking about a Nespresso barista at some work event and…

Absolutely zero reason for a Chanel ad to appear as the first ad in my Twitter stream…

…except that I just mentioned Chanel to my kids before a few minutes before I opened the app.

I wonder how far they can go down this hellscape supply chain.

Don’t work overtime under duress and/or without pay.

I often work more than I should but it’s always by choice. I’ve been burned by this earlier in my career.

My wife just sent me the best recipe. The one recipe I can probably pull off.

Dyed my hair “plum” tonight, for a change. It’s been blue or green for the last couple of years.

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