@catriona An EDGY and UNIQUE goth dad from BELFAST.

The Carnegie Institution for Science is asking the public to suggest names for a load of moons newly discovered around Jupiter. cbc.ca/news/technology/jupiter

"Jupiter moons must be named after characters from Roman or Greek mythology who were either descendants or lovers of the god known as Jupiter (Roman) or Zeus (Greek)."

So basically everyone.

Put the 8YO to bed and told him he looked like he had panda eyes, to which he started singing some bleep bloop music. Apparently there's a musician called Panda Eyes and I assume their music is in Geometry Dash.

Nothing makes me feel older than Geometry Dash.

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I bought cheap black nail polish yesterday because I am an EDGY and UNIQUE goth dad.

@kirstyyarr For a moment there I thought Case Study 5 was setting up a bodice-ripper.

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‪Apparently the favourite Star Trek of the BC Premier, John Horgan, is Voyager. How does a citizen trigger a vote of no confidence? twitter.com/jjhorgan/status/44

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Listening to Nirvana out of the blue this morning and it turns out it’s Kurt’s birthday. I wonder if my brain was subtly nudged from a vague memory. Now that I’m 40, and not 15, I realize he was still so young.


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Hello, I added some new designs to my threadless store, hope you like them! 🎸✨☄️ timecowboy.threadless.com/

See folk wailing about Netflix “cancelling” all their Marvel shows. Come on. How is it not Disney deciding to pull them?

@erinbee Yeah, it’s just semipermanent Punky Colour dye. I’m surprised!

Dyed the hair back to plum today. I’m surprised it took so well, given that I was covering faded blue-black.

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