@erinbee It was so pieced together that none of it really made sense or fit the continuity. I couldn’t even remember how the episode ended until I read a recap.

The Christmas special of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was surprisingly underwhelming or, at least, jarringly forced.

I did appreciate the way the store Santa scenes were heavily styled as 1940s, aping A Christmas Story.

twitter.com/benaiahisrad/statu I’m totally here for a 2019 where everyone dresses like an 1980s vision of the future.

@erinbee Good luck! I just went back to a BC ID last time I had to renew. 😔

@steviemcfly @kirstyyarr Haha. This is the type I ended up with after exactly the same type of search, except I thought it was hilarious.

After a load of music I don’t know, now they’re playing Fairytale of New York at our work do. Controversial.

9:30pm and someone has boked at the work Christmas do.

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Was listening to Buzzcocks for the first time in ages on the way into work this morning and considered scouting for something on vinyl.

Now I read that the lead singer, Pete Shelley, has died at 63. Sorry mate.

twitter.com/tweetsofold/status I found this funnier than I should have. My wife called me “old man” for knowing this meant 6,336 whips.

Tumblr banning adult content is like Livejournal banning angsty teen poetry or Facebook banning trite affirmations and chain letters.

@erinbee Our first response was “Oh, I’m sure he does. If anyone would, he would.” It warms the cockles of the heart with festive cheer to know this is actually real.

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