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Both my kids know the Fibonacci sequence because I set it as the password for an iPad at some point.

Speaking of the Fibonacci sequence, I just remembered that I used to play the Rockabye Baby version of Lateralus to the older kid when he was a baby. He didn’t seem to particularly like those albums but it amused me.

Time and space are meaningless. I’m being melodramatic about jet lag.

I see folk are still lazily ripping off Michel Gondry work from 20 years ago for commercials.

Speed limits in Northern Ireland are in miles per hour, but the Republic uses kilometres per hour. We have a Dublin car while we’re here and one of the most useful tips the Internet taught me was that miles:km roughly follows the Fibonacci sequence.

I thought it was annoying enough in Canada but I didn’t realize I was still being shielded from every single website giving you those daft cookie pop-ups in Europe.

Not doing so well in the pub quiz, despite the music section having plenty of 70s and 80s tracks. Shame.

Doing a pub quiz in Belfast, on Kindles for some reason. Called our team “Aye Yers” and the (local) quizmaster doesn’t know how to pronounce it. What even.

@erinbee A colleague brought a load of these in. Can confirm: tastes like soap. Hell gum that shouldn’t exist. Still took me a testing more than a few times, like a masochist.

Once again wrapping myself in the defeat of a Fortnite duvet as I climb to the top bunk of the bed the 11YO is meant to be, but is not, sleeping in. Good night, moon.

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@dreadpirateyarr ✨☺️✨ I love playing around with filters

At some point having an Ulster fry almost every morning is going to catch up on me.

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