@dreadpirateyarr I cleared out and locked down most of social accounts ages ago and it proved how passive almost all my relationships with people had been.

It took exactly a month but my Gateron brown keyboard switches finally arrived from China.

Northern Ireland hasn’t had its own government for the last three years but now that the local gabshites successfully dodged real politics by deferring to direct rule, it looks like it’s back on the cards again. What a surprise.

This is a really daft, alarmist take in my opinion. Of course you can still make an independent, open-source web browser.

Here's a hot take: an indie browser doesn't need to support DRM, ERE, or Netflix. Just because it exists doesn't mean you have to do it.

@jamie @lenlen The British version just wasn't the same because none of the contestants have the same intensity.

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Risque, car show, special edition Subaru 

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Hirohiko Araki got to design the official poster for the 2020 paralympics and it's beautiful.

@cruelintestines @dreadpirateyarr I didn’t know this was a thing but I grew up with cartoons like RoboCop, Police Academy, and Highlander.

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I will never, ever tire of seamlessly transitioning from the end of Mean Girls to the beginning of Hackers with the same song, this was a damn *gift* given to us by the movie industry

If I learnt nothing else from this YouTube video, it's that the English word for green (グリーン) is common in Japan because it was considered a shade of blue until WWII.

The last few decades of US warfare have been about proxy wars. Arms-length conflict on other people’s turf or through funding this side or that. Even the first Gulf War, which was probably the last traditional combat operation. This is something different.

The university is a spin-off from my old high school, which kicked off in 1810 and felt every bit of it.

In other completely unrelated news, Hilary Clinton just became the chancellor of my old university in Belfast. Degree stonks up.

Not to be a downer but it sounds like the assassination of that Iranian bloke is on par with Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Good luck.

@erinbee Real good point that the reality is that a few guys don’t have the monopoly on ideas now. I wish pop culture did catch up.

Mum was texting me photos of Jools Holland on the telly. He must’ve been doing that New Year’s Eve show for well over 20 years now. Had to laugh that Eddi Reader and The Stereophonics were performing: trying to appeal to folk at least 10 years older than me.

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