Stopped off in Tim Hortons this morning and almost everyone in front of me was getting the new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich.

Found out two things this morning: tetherball isn’t exactly the same as swingball, it’s a variant; and Amazon is charging 3x as much for a swingball set here in Canada compared to the UK.

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fragile masculinity 

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At the pictures with the wee guy to see Detective Pikachu.

Told the folks in work and they asked what bike I have. “I dunno. A normal bike.”

Started cycling for the first time in over a decade and really enjoying it.

@poisonous So much cottonwood around where I live, so I feel this.

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Nintendo: Why don't you go outside and sleep better? These pokemon will help!
Microsoft: Please wash yourself. Please. Here, we made soap that looks like an Xbox, will that work? Just please have a shower.

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@erinbee Haha. They’re the reason I know it must have been 11 years.

After 11 years, I finally made the effort to figure out the combination and find the key for my double-locked bicycle down in storage.

The handlebar grips had decomposed into a blue sludge so I managed to replace them with the MEC grips I must have bought 5 years ago.

Now I’m wrecked and I haven’t even pumped the tires. Who will pump my tires?

Google Cloud is down, so the half of the internet that isn’t hosted at Amazon is out of action. Sometimes it goes the other way.

I only have internal tools at Google Cloud (so far) so I’m not in a panic, but at least when Google or Amazon have problems customers hear about it in international news.

Emboldened by @erinbee to try some of this craft mead I’ve had my eye on for a while. I went for the saffron and orange flavour, and it tastes a lot like a nice dry, sweet cider not dissimilar to Lonetree.

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