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And now that I have new headphones and am swapping over from goth to synthpop, i have to say I'm re-enamoured with the Holiday '19 album from Parralox that starts with a Sisters of Mercy cover :D

Just noticed tonight that David Lynch had a short film on Netflix: “What did Jack do?”

17 minutes long and very David Lynch. He makes you hang on every word, even when they’re not making sense.

Marcus boosted My eyes bulged out of my head like a cartoon wolf when I saw this ZX Spectrum-inspired keycap set (KAM Wraith) this morning. It’s just a shame some of the lettering feels cramped or mispositioned.

@lenlen No issues that I know about. The only other thing with the original is that the controllers are detachable but the only game we have that might require them is Just Dance. If that really mattered you could buy an extra set and pair them with the Lite.

@lenlen We have both. The regular Switch is nice because it can dock to the TV like a normal console but I prefer the feel of the Switch Lite.

Billy Porter has a natural knack for high-fashion looks that most people would struggle to pull off. He must have been born from pure confidence.

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Billy Porter's glam remote control hat, worn at the Grammys. The crystal fringe opens and closes when he signals to his assistant.

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Blast from the past... I don't know how or why but I randomly remembered those pixel dolls from like 2000. Searched and found an Angelfire site that linked to a bunch of the sites, but 98% of them are dead. I did find this one though ahaha


@dreadpirateyarr I cleared out and locked down most of social accounts ages ago and it proved how passive almost all my relationships with people had been.

It took exactly a month but my Gateron brown keyboard switches finally arrived from China.

Northern Ireland hasn’t had its own government for the last three years but now that the local gabshites successfully dodged real politics by deferring to direct rule, it looks like it’s back on the cards again. What a surprise.

This is a really daft, alarmist take in my opinion. Of course you can still make an independent, open-source web browser.

Here's a hot take: an indie browser doesn't need to support DRM, ERE, or Netflix. Just because it exists doesn't mean you have to do it.

@jamie @lenlen The British version just wasn't the same because none of the contestants have the same intensity.

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Risque, car show, special edition Subaru 

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Hirohiko Araki got to design the official poster for the 2020 paralympics and it's beautiful.

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