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I swear this is true but today we received a letter from the government explaining that I’d been overpaying all year.

It's 03:30 so of course I was just thinking about provincial medical premiums and realized I've been overpaying all year.

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The new She-Ra reminds me that I should finally get around to reading Nimona sometime.

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RT @[email protected]: rt if you'd call your friend just to tell them that potatoes came to japan in 1600

If the cranky, moody 10YO looking for an argument last night was any indication, his teen years are going to be a barrel of laughs.

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I uninstalled the Tumblr app months ago because it was a nuisance, constantly pestering you me attention and pushing accounts I wasn’t following. Coincidentally I started deleting my account data on Friday.

We’ve all been enjoying the new She-Ra. It’s like the Thor: Ragnarok of cartoons: taking something stiff and stoic and breathing some humanity and humour into it.

Plus Entrapta is low-key cybergoth now.

Cartoons in the past 10 years are next level compared to what I grew up with.

The video game history this morning had an interactive exhibit on Game Genie, applying cheat codes to a playable version of Sonic. 🤯

I didn’t realize that Science World had a history of video games exhibit too. Which is lucky, because I would’ve been playing retro games on their comically gigantic controllers for hours.

The Pixar exhibit at Science World is pretty great. I love how they mix virtual and physical interactive exhibits. The main lesson: rendering takes a long-ass time.

With great rendering, comes great responsibility.

The worst part is that Lasseter still has a cameo in the intro video.

Wife went out tonight but left her phone behind by accident. Which isn’t shocking.

What is surprising is the abject horror I feel, making me wonder how I survived teenage years without cellphones or Internet. I think I’ve wiped it from memory.

Peeked into a basement office from the street and saw that someone was playing solitaire on their lunch break. It’s comforting to know some things will never change.

Apparently the Empire went ahead with the gig for the support acts and made it free in, which was decent of them.

Bizarre story about tour musicians getting hoaxed into going on a “sold-out” European tour with a band that had invented its fans and faked its online presence.

They only found out after a couple of empty gigs, before they were due to play the Empire in Belfast.

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