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Every time I cut the kids’ hair I think about this 90s Harp ad.

Hard to explain who Lionel Blair is because he’s that extremely British type of minor star that’s famous for being a vague all-round variety performer and being on the telly a lot. I didn’t know he was born in Montreal until just now.

Cut the 7YO’s hair and now my bathroom is carpeted in a fine ginger fur.

Recognized the town square from Back to the Future in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark last night. Apparently it’s a set that has been in a load of films but somehow it hit home this time.

Mary Poppins.
Mary Poppins Returns.
Mary Poppins Forever.
Mary Poppins & Robin.

Don’t ask me how but I discovered the new Wiggles have versions of I’ll Tell Me Ma. So I checked them out on YouTube because it’s my self-declared national anthem.

I had to turn them off in disgust when I heard them sing Dublin instead of Belfast city. Why would you do such a thing?

Outraged at The Wiggles.

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Every year we ask ourselves, “Did we get enough for the kids?”

Every year the answer presents itself: “Hahaha. Oh god, where is all this new shite going to go?”

“Poutine routine” was 100% accidental.

Heading out to do our traditional Christmas Eve ice skate and poutine routine to tire out the kiddos.

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food (sweets in name only, no photos of them) 

Apparently the Philippines are still super into beauty pageants.

Congrats to my wife for having the same first name as Miss Universe 2018. Her prize is receiving a ton of misdirected messages on Twitter and Instagram.

7YO: “They’re breaking the fourth wall!”
10YO: “They’re breaking it so bad, they’re destroying it.”

7YO: “I know none of the muppets except that frog guy. He’s a meme.”

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The Christmas special of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was surprisingly underwhelming or, at least, jarringly forced.

I did appreciate the way the store Santa scenes were heavily styled as 1940s, aping A Christmas Story. I’m totally here for a 2019 where everyone dresses like an 1980s vision of the future.

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