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The app store says DropBox is for ages 4+ and now I can’t stop thinking about a 4 year old in an office frantically trying to edit a read-only document that a coworker dropped to them

One of the problems with a federated social network is that you can’t always see all the replies to a post. Every time I’m about to reply with some nonsense I realize a dozen people have probably said it already.

🤔 OK, maybe that’s a benefit.

I know you’ve been waiting all day to see the most ridiculous photo of me that I have on my phone, so here it is. February 2016 - recreating the BC craft brewery Instagram aesthetic.

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What's the most ridiculous picture of yourself you have saved on your phone

I mentioned the new Twilight Zone to someone recently and they didn't know what it was. At all.

The Outer Limits? Nope.

"Oh, sort of like Black Mirror?"

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Someone on the Twin Peaks subreddit keeps posting Laura Palmer's Theme mashed up with completely incongruous video and they're pretty great.

That said, this is by far my favorite one.

There's no doubt I inherited my taste for Billy Joel and his maudlin, twangy, 50s-tinged soft rock from my dad. Just as I probably inherited my taste for the maudlin, twangy, tragic Carpenters from my mom.

To this day I'm not sure any band is more goth than the Carpenters.

The cover to Glass Houses and the intro into You May Be Right, with the sound of glass smashing, are burnt into my memory from infancy. I didn't have the words for it, but I knew it was punk. As punk as smooth ballads can get.

Russian Doll is brilliant. Natasha Lyonne is brilliant in and around it. Dark, strange, miserable, and laugh-out-loud funny.

It’s meant to feel like -5°C right now, which I’m not enjoying. Maybe if I flounced around the mountainside like Bob, wailing lamentations, it would warm me up.

I guess we couldn’t avoid winter after all.

Wife: “Why hasn’t someone figured out how to make clothes that fit everyone well, like leggings?”

Me: “They did: spandex. We could all be dressing like the future. Hugging every nook and cranny.”

Got through half of Velvet Buzzsaw last night before falling asleep. It's A Bad Movie but I was enjoying it.

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Hot tip for disguising the stupid white protrusions coming from your ears: grow a big white beard.

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