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Looks like I need to dye my hair again. Last time I tried green, if you can believe it; it just doesn’t stick.

Watching the DS9 episode by LeVar Burton where Rom forms a union and goes on strike.

OH, from my mouth: I will stand down before the next phase of breakfast.

If there was a sane way for me to sit beside a camp fire, drink beer, and play Overwatch, I would absolutely be doing it.

Tried to explain the appeal of camping, and how I find it relaxing, when I don’t like disconnecting and tend to get even worse sleep than normal. I probably sound like a nutter. I swear I’m not a masochist.

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Pronouncing shoegaze kinda like Fugazi

It’s been a very long short week for me.

At the sports bar in Rogers Arena with the family, about to watch Vancouver in the stage one final in Overwatch League.

I’m in too deep.

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The person who shared this on Instagram couldn't find the source, and neither can I (why is reverse image search failing me?) but anyway, whoever designed this progressive Cool S clock is clever and hilarious

Just saw an awkward Bill and Ted 3 promo from Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves… and Keanu has some grey beard hair. He’s human after all.

Star Trek: Discovery 

Overwatch League 

Keeping @catriona up to date on who Lady Gaga is meant to be dating (Hawkeye) because I’m clearly the hub of celebrity gossip.

A load of folk in work are doing one of those challenges where you try to haggle up from a paper clip or something and see what the biggest thing you can get. Like running around town trying to get strangers to swap with you. No joke it sounds like my idea of absolute hell.

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The other night I offered a friend of mine, who is a professional baker of incredible treats, a piece of cake that I'd made, and said, "it's just poundcake, it's not a big deal," and she pointed at me and said, "EVERY cake is a big deal," and I've been thinking about that a lot

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