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Listening to Love Drought, by Beyoncé and caught the line: "I don't care about the lights or the beams" Reminded me of Ultralight Beam by Kanye.

Turns out both songs are co-written by Mike Dean. (Ultralight Beam is written by half the planet.) What's his deal with lights and beams?

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Spotted Turbo Kid on a site for plunderers and brigands and remembered I never did get around to finishing it. I remember it being fun if you didn't take it too seriously.

Managed to get my ears stretched up to 12mm like I wanted, without too much effort in the end. Why 12mm instead of 11mm or 00g or...? Hell if I know.

I wonder what the Northern Ireland tourism industry is going to do when they don’t have popular interest in Game of Thrones to milk.

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Sticking on Game of Thrones. At this point I’m just glad it’s ending. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy it. I still want it to be over.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

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‪I started adding hashtags to my Instagram posts which is a great way to get loads of likes and follows from random bots and brands.‬

‪When social media folk whine about The Algorithm hurting their vanity, I wonder if they consider that they might be followed by very few humans.

‪Trudeau lost me when he didn’t follow through with proportional representation. ‬Electoral reform is a hill worth dying on and no party that gains power through first-past-the-post seems to keep their appetite for change. All this SNC-Lanavin fallout is just the icing on the cake.

Catriona and I got married 15 years ago today, when I was 25. By then we’d already been dating for 6 years, had quite deliberately finished post-grads, worked full-time jobs, and had been living together to be sure we didn’t drive each other nuts.

It didn’t feel young at the time, especially for Ireland, because we’d been so methodical.

My kids have started saying I have Emo Hair. Who taught them about emo? I blame their mother.

I’ll never stop using words like spelt and fortnight; and spelling doughnut with all the appropriately vestigial letters.

> which two of the seven deadly sins do you feel best represent you?

Picking two was harder than I expected and I kept changing my answers as I wrote this: Greed and Lust.

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which two of the seven deadly sins do you feel best represent you?

Ah, I like the Bajoran backwards clapping. It’s like they’re threatening someone.

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