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Kids keep mentioning some crab rave and apparently it isn’t The Fat of the Land.

Saw a pair of literal neo-nazis at our local thrift store today. The bloke had an actual swastika armband and the dame had some runic shirt. I was shoulder-to-shoulder with him at one point—and figured he was just a typically furtive addict—but only noticed the armband on the way out.

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@scronide Emoji For Seniors: You know who not to send a peach to, but what does it mean when someone messages you a Lithuanian flag, 4 pentagrams, a Bunsen burner, or a now extinct dolphin?

Was at the library and realized I’ve only got ten years to go before I can do the over-50s classes on how to use an iPad or a self-driving car or whatever it will be in 2029.

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Game of Thrones 8x05 

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8YO: “Emo and goth are basically the same.”

Me: Hissing and receding into the shadows.

Came out of the bathroom at home and saw four origami caltrops placed neatly in a line in my path.

8YO: “Did you step on my spike traps?”

After he got off, about 10 PADS dogs in training got on at the next stop.

There was a knob in a MAGA hat on my train this evening sat beside an exhausted-looking hijabi. You don’t see many of these bell-ends in Canada—for obvious reasons—but they usually fall into two categories itching for a confrontation: edgelords and the mentally ill. At a glance, this guy was the latter.

I’d do the colour meme but the correct answer is black, so I’ll save you the bother.

Ah, here comes the illicit television for the week.

I woke up this morning with a good half of my forehead blue. It looked like a wonky headbutting bruise. I guess I didn't do a great job rinsing off my dye job last night.

Today is the first day of the year that has felt uncomfortably hot. Let's see... a high of 18°C. Yeah, I'm screwed for the next five months.

Oh, yeah, Firefox disabled all its add-ons. I guess that's why I'm getting lots of pop-ups again.

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When all the imps are together, you can't punish them. They have impunity.

First day of a new commute. Well, it’s mostly the same commute but I just stay on the train longer until I reach South Vancouver.

It’s the fifth office we’ve had since I started this job, 2-3 years ago.

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