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Jaw already feeling a hell of a lot better this evening. Still very tender to touch, so I should probably stop poking it, but relatively normal otherwise.

One of the advantages of living across the world is being able to forget it’s the 12th today.

One of my favourite cheesy 80s films is The Running Man, where the baddies generated altered and totally constructed footage as propaganda for their game show. Out of all the sci-fi nonsense in these movies, it seemed like some of the least plausible. Now people can do it on home computers.

Deep fake of Jim Carrey face-swapped with Jack Nicholson in a scene from The Shining. It's There's four of them in total, if you follow through on the YouTube account.

Deep fakes are seamless now and its genuinely shocking to think you can't trust video at all any more.

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@scronide that is such a weird feature of anesthesia. It's not like sleeping where you have a sense that time has passed - you just miss a chunk of time and suddenly it's later.

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@scronide the gas was so weird for me, it was December and snowing out, and I remember seeing it through the window and being in a snow globe, and then I woke up.

The weirdest part of the IV sedation I got for my wisdom tooth extraction was that I felt pretty normal at first and then the whole thing was all over. I felt lucid but I have no memory of what happened.

“The antibiotics might cause diarrhea, but the T3s might cause constipation.”

Now my jaw aches from wisdom tooth extraction instead of, or perhaps combined with, wisdom tooth infection.

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SOMEbody once asked me
To go see Pagliacci
To cure whatever's getting me down
Then I burst into tears despite laughter and the cheers
I am the famous traveling clown

Getting a wisdom tooth out on Thursday. I‘m holding out hope that its secret low grade infection has been making me feel shite for years.

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Stranger Things season three has been way cheesier, lazier, and forced than the previous two seasons. It’s chock full of corny 80s tropes to the point where it’s a sad parody.

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Finished season two of Dark and now my brain is spinning. The whole series gets ridiculously complicated as it goes along and it makes me love it even more.

In a similar vein, Instagram has been showing me ads aimed at church organizers for the last few weeks.

‪Just got home from Walmart and now Twitter is showing me promoted tweets from Maxime Bernier’s right-wing party.‬

Stopped off in Tim Hortons this morning and almost everyone in front of me was getting the new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich.

Found out two things this morning: tetherball isn’t exactly the same as swingball, it’s a variant; and Amazon is charging 3x as much for a swingball set here in Canada compared to the UK.

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fragile masculinity 

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