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Time and space are meaningless. I’m being melodramatic about jet lag.

I see folk are still lazily ripping off Michel Gondry work from 20 years ago for commercials.

Speed limits in Northern Ireland are in miles per hour, but the Republic uses kilometres per hour. We have a Dublin car while we’re here and one of the most useful tips the Internet taught me was that miles:km roughly follows the Fibonacci sequence.

I thought it was annoying enough in Canada but I didn’t realize I was still being shielded from every single website giving you those daft cookie pop-ups in Europe.

Not doing so well in the pub quiz, despite the music section having plenty of 70s and 80s tracks. Shame.

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Doing a pub quiz in Belfast, on Kindles for some reason. Called our team “Aye Yers” and the (local) quizmaster doesn’t know how to pronounce it. What even.

Once again wrapping myself in the defeat of a Fortnite duvet as I climb to the top bunk of the bed the 11YO is meant to be, but is not, sleeping in. Good night, moon.

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At some point having an Ulster fry almost every morning is going to catch up on me.

Finally got the ECG feature on my Canadian Apple Watch. It had been one of the main reasons I bought it, so I was disappointed that it hadn’t been approved before now.

Driving near Derry and noticing so many solar panels on the roofs of new builds. Way more common here in Northern Ireland, known for its sun, than Vancouver where it’s 20°-30° for months.

Driving through the Gaeltacht. I wish I did but don’t know a lick of Irish other than bruscar, mná, agus fir. Good thing there’s no one around to talk to.

Out on the Atlantic coast in Donegal and its exactly as stereotypically Irish as you’d expect. Tiny one-pub, one-church villages lined with GAA flags. Whitewashed houses, rocky fields, cows and sheep. Tiny, terrifying roads.

Absolutely everyone in Northern Ireland seems keen on Huawei and sour on Apple. I’ve had random people in shops talk up Huawei. Everyone here loves a deal but it’s surprisingly consistent. “Sure if it’s not China, it’s the States.”

The weather here in Ireland has been wild. It can be perfectly sunny and warm and then a storm passes through where it absolutely lashes down for 10 minutes. It keeps repeating.

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This time next week I’ll be back in Belfast. I think it has been three years since our last visit. I have done zero preparation and am starting to feel like I should be freaking out. Meta-freaking.

Found a barely-used Venque satchel at the thrift store for $17. It’s normally $135. Then I found $2 in one of the pockets.

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Your beauty is beyond compare
I look upon it and despair
With marble legs and eyes of emerald green

Your sneer is like a cold command
Your voice is soft like desert sand
And I cannot compete with you, Jolene

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