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Note to self: always use the facilities before leaving a pub.

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(Present) I yeet
(Past/Imperfect) I was yeeting
(Past/Perfect) I yote
(Pluperfect) I have yought
(Future) I will yeet
(Future perfect) I will have yought

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Which reminds me, I’m missing some of the other teams’ play-in games right now.

I threw myself into socializing by forcing myself to go to the first watch parties for supporters and actually talk to someone. I needed something to unwind. Eventually Catriona got hooked on watching along, started playing, and went to the watch parties with the kids too. As is her way, she’s probably deeper into it than I am. Now the local organizers, podcast hosts and a bunch of the fans know the family. It’s been fun discovering some new thing.

I started watching Overwatch League at the start of the year because there was a new team superficially based in Vancouver, owned by the Canucks. Now it’s playoff time, the Titans are one of the top teams in the league and we put deposits on tickets for the first home games next year.

Finished the first season of What We Do in the Shadows and enjoyed it a lot. It’s not quite as immediately funny as the movie but it gets better as the episodes go on.

Our electricity just went out somewhat randomly for a minute there. It’s not like there is a storm or anything. I thought I finally had another chance to justify the UPS I bought a couple of years ago.

Every stock photo I could find seemed vaguely suggestive.

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Disappointed when I see Tiffany trending on Twitter and it’s Trump.

Handed in my vacation cash to the bank and lunchtime and got a panicked call from them later “20 pounds were North Irish pounds, so we have to adjust the amounts”

Remember laughing at this before when I saw it on a bank screen, but Northern Ireland notes have their own exchange rate here. At least they take them.

Computerized elevators in our high rise office building are borked. There’s no way I’m climbing a dozen flights of stairs again. I say a dozen but that’s just a guess because developers pander to the most inane superstitions and skip a load of numbers.

Was watching Ready Player One again with the kids, now that the 11YO has finished the book. The book is really bad but the movie is disposable fun. The 80s nostalgia hits too close to home.

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