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Lost and found signs of 2019: “Found: Tools and Drone”

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I just read a take that since Twin Peaks originally aired on ABC, it's part of the Disney universe.

Which subtake is more cursed?:

1. Laura Palmer is a Disney Princess

2. Audrey Horne joins your party in a One Eyed Jack's level of Kingdom Hearts

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If video games have taught me anything, this aesthetic means that the stairs are the quickest way to get extremely irradiated

My left finger has been aching on and off for weeks and I couldn’t figure out why because I’m right-handed. I realize now that it’s probably how I hold on to my phone; it’s getting more pressure on that DIP joint than other fingers.

Looking forward to the 29th for the Overwatch League Grand Finals. Vancouver Titans versus San Francisco Shock. It’s like the Yankees against the Red Sox, without 100+ years of history… and baseball.

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downtown abbey movie please reveal the secret of the "shadow abbey" hinted at in the logo

I wish there was an easy way to mass block talk radio hosts and mute anyone engaging with their bait on Twitter. Without fail, at least one trending topic a day is being whipped up by the same local shitehawks for clout.

Apparently the sight of me wearing a ball cap is so shocking that at least three colleagues stopped to mention it. One laid the blame on mid-life crisis. Given how I normally look, a hat was the last thing I expected to spark controversy.

Started watching Gun Gale Online and the 8YO noticed: “Hey! Why are you watching animé? That’s my thing!”

Not that I need it but with Overwatch coming out on the Switch, and the next Pokémon set in fake-UK, I’m really tempted to buy the Pokémon edition of the Switch Lite.

Got to episodes 6 of The Boys before I realized if it is based on a comic, and it is, that it must be by Garth Ennis and John McCrea.

I haven’t read the comic but the show is extremely Garth Ennis and Karl Urban looks like he’s lifted from a McCrea drawing.

Crypto-Northern Irish content.

Forgot to install iOS 13 today. I’m slipping.

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Note to self: always use the facilities before leaving a pub.

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(Present) I yeet
(Past/Imperfect) I was yeeting
(Past/Perfect) I yote
(Pluperfect) I have yought
(Future) I will yeet
(Future perfect) I will have yought

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