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I’m not going to play this game unless I’m followed by a bard.

The switches I need for my shiny new clicky-clacky keyboard finally appeared in Ontario this morning, three weeks after leaving China.

I love 80s movies more than most but they're definitely from another era. The real switch came with digital.

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What is the first decade where movies don't count as "old movies" anymore?

It really, really shouldn't be news that smart TVs actively track what you watch. They've been doing this from the start.

Hirohiko Araki is the Jim Steinman of manga. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is Meat Loaf.

Production value on The Witcher swings wildly from episode to episode. The first two episodes were great, the next two looked like Sabrina, the third two had all the fleshy bits, and the last two were just ok.

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happy boxing day to Wales only, where you have to riddle with the ghost horse in order to keep your beer

Most artisanal key caps look terrible. I’ve seen asking prices from $30 to $850 for a single, tiny plastic button that has usually been molded to look like some variant of a skull.

That was definitely a
✅ Star
✅ War

Me: “Do you even know what communism is?”
11YO: “Hippity hoppity this is our property.”

Stuck on Metallica in the car and the 8YO called it “literally the worst music ever” that was just “shouting and screeching”.

He spent the ride home curled up with his hands over his ears.

The Black Album.

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The first day of winter has arrived! For many of us who live in the Great White North, the #WinterSolstice is arguably one of the best times of the year. Here’s to longer days ahead!

Watched the first two episodes of The Witcher last night. I haven’t read the books or played the games but, aside from Cavill’s dodgy hair and some fantasy wankery, I quite like it so far.

I think I ran Catriona out of bed by putting on a Rush playlist.

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