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Props to Ash Wednesday for being one of the more goth traditions of the death cults.

The Krankies. This is an all-Krankies account now. Sorry.

An English workmate used a variant of “fan-dabi-dozi” in a company-wide message today and it took all my willpower not to launch into a Ted Talk about The Krankies.

Ah, dirty heids. Now I’m craving pancakes.

Enjoying these cold days with warm sun.

OH: “Why are there so many milk memes on Mastodon?!”

Reading up on the Jonases and their partners. I’ve now heard a Jonas Brothers song. It’s better than I expected.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is visually amazing: psychedelic, graffiti in motion. It’s beautiful and funny.

My kids are now making up memes about Dairy Farmers of Canada. I guess their YouTube ads are... working?

Derry Girls season 2 started today, at least over the water. Yeooo. Glad that it's back and glad to have another show to look forward to during the week.

Realized I could hook up to Spotify directly, so that’s back in action again. Watch me listen to the same things over and over again every day.

Old guy in a pickup has Rammstein cranked.

I don’t know why this annoys me so much but it does.

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I knew. I just knew when I read this that they meant wallpapers.

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